Start Preparing for Forklift Certification Online

Now, before you get your hopes up that you might be able to tackle all of your forklift training online and just print out your forklift certification when done, heed these words of advice:

You cannot get your forklift training and/or forklift certification through an online venue.

Yes, you can review the OSHA training standards and even utilize comprehensive websites that will adequately prepare you for testing, but there is no way to get an official forklift license without the classroom training and the mandatory “hands on” training and assessment by your instructor.

An Explanation of Forklift Training

To begin with, you must always work with an OSHA compliant training program or instructor if you want your credentials to be portable or workable in other settings or places. However, there is a bit more to the story.

For one thing, your forklift certification may have to come from someone certified in your specific industry. OSHA has two headings under which they certify their forklift instructors – construction and general.

So, you have to know what types of forklift jobs you will want to do, and only then can you know which program is ideally suited to you. If you are to get training on the job, most of the mystery is removed. Do remember, however, that your on-the-job training is the same as the training you might have purchased through a trade school and will usually be limited to the “type” of forklift you will use.

For instance, you may not train on every type of forklift truck. That might mean you may learn only how to safely use a “stand up” truck because your company gives you training in this type alone. However, you might find a way of getting training in all of the different types in order to be certified in each of them. That would mean learning about sit down, standup, pallet jacks, order pickers, etc.

Clearly, this is one reason you cannot do your training online – it just wouldn’t allow you to master or even understand the many facets of the different machines.

What to Learn Online

That does not mean that online resources are totally void of value. For instance, a good menu of options would include general truck types and even provide some sample tests.

A good guideline would include the following:

  • Types of lift trucks
  • General “physics” associated with the use of forklifts
  • General forklift operator guidelines
  • General forklift safety
  • Maintenance basics for a forklift driver
  • How to refuel or recharge vehicles
  • Rules and guidelines for your specific industry or use of a lift truck
  • Sample OSHA certification test

Clearly, that is a lot of information, but remember that your formal classroom instruction is going to last only around four hours. That may seem like a lot right now, but it actually hardly scratches the surface and any advanced preparations that you can do will give you a serious advantage. So, do take the time to study ahead of your official classroom training to ensure you do well with the written tests.

You may also want to do a bit of research into the OSHA guidelines associated with the industry in which you will work. As we already said, you may need to pursue other OSHA certifications in order to obtain the job of your choice. For instance, if you will work on construction sites using the forklift, you may need other certifications relating to the work or the workplace. This is a lot of material to master, and any websites offering summaries of rules or even sample tests can be of tremendous value now and when getting re-certified in the future.