The Specifics of Forklift Training

If you are about to start training for your forklift certification, you may have some questions about the issue. For example, many people do not realize that they can do a lot of independent study before beginning their formal forklift training through an OSHA compliant course or instructor.

There are many online resources through which you can find study guides and details about what you will need in order to pass your initial evaluation and forklift certification exam. However, you may also just want to know ahead of time what it is you are going to have to learn in order to pass the forklift training and begin looking for forklift jobs.

So, in a nutshell, here are the points of emphasis:

  • Forklift operator fundamentals – This will introduce you to the seven types of forklifts and ensure that you understand the components, how to safely use the machines, how workplace conditions can affect the safe use of the machines, what kinds of precautions to take, and how to know the best way to use each of the types of lifts.
  • Operation essentials – This will ensure that you have a full understanding of the safe forklift operation requirements for all types of machines.
  • Travel and loading essentials – Issues such as safe speeds, travel distances, yielding, and all of the OSHA guidelines for safe travel and safe loading practices will be mastered. This will eliminate most of the risks that lead to the three most common forklift related incidents reported to OSHA each year.
  • Maintenance requirements – OSHA has regulations for the use of forklifts and it is up to the forklift driver to be sure that preventative maintenance and repair does not lead to any problems that arise from damaged or defective machinery.

Yes, it does seem as if there is a tremendous amount of “book learning” before you can be evaluated or tested for your forklift certification, but it all makes a lot of sense. After all, imagine the risks of allowing untrained people to hop into such a heavy and dangerous bit of machinery without first understanding all of the materials described above.

Getting Your Forklift License

So, go ahead and take an online course if you want to “ace” your forklift exam. If you are interested in going further and getting a special forklift license for instructors, this sort of training is going to be incredibly useful too. For instance, OSHA does not give out the forklift truck certification; they just create the guidelines and standards and certify people to instruct others in being a forklift driver. It is these OSHA compliant or trained instructors who issue the certifications. That means that someone who is very knowledgeable in forklift safety, maintenance, and operation is a good candidate to instruct and certify others too.

No matter what path you choose – forklift operator or instructor helping others to get forklift certification – the foundation has to be built on mastery of all of the information above. You must know the rules and regulations, and remain fully aware of them in the future, to keep working as an operator.

Additionally, everyone is going to have to get their hands on training in at least one type of forklift truck, and this too is a major part of the initial training. It will enable you to learn how to safely handle your specific setting or workplace, and is just as important as the textbook or classroom work you will do. So, begin your training online today, but be sure that you have an OSHA compliant source for your complete training and certification.